Absolutely amazing food from @yamuyamu_uk last night! We decided to order two dishes and share so we could get the best of both worlds. First up were these delicious fries with miso mayo, pickled cabbage, coriander and spring onion. Delicious! We also we’re pleasantly surprised to find that the butternut squash katsu curry could be… Read More

Cake from @cactuskitchengals! If you’re vegan and live in the Worthing area, you probably are familiar with these gals! We haven’t been able to try their hot food yet, but we HAD to pick up some sweet treats as we walked by the other day. Katy picked out this Bakewell cake for me. She had… Read More

Gluten free pancake stack from @maltcafe. I really loved these! The crème fraîche mixed with the berries reminded me of scones with clotted cream and jam. Plus the portion was quite generous! Social distancing was good. We waited outside for a few minutes before being seated at a freshly cleaned table. The menu did request… Read More

Also from @wine_and_reason: this crispy tofu! This was definitely some of the most flavourful tofu I’ve ever had. It’s made with a soy glaze — which I double checked was gluten free and it was. It’s another one of their vegan dishes. I love a tapas restaurant because there’s nothing better than being able to… Read More

Last week we popped by @wine_and_reason and had a fantastic time. Located near the big Worthing Ferris wheel, Wine & Reason are a vegetarian tapas and wine bar with plenty of outdoor seating. The staff were absolutely lovely and accommodating when it came to checking (and double checking!) gluten free options for me. These courgette… Read More

Last night we ordered dinner from Broadwater Fryer. They have a whole Gluten Free section when you order through Just Eat or Deliveroo. They do your typical fish and battered sausage (which I have tried), but now that I’m not really eating meat I have discovered the joy of… A pea fritter. What is a… Read More

Throwback to a little @pizzaface_ltd moment a couple of months ago. I’m going to be honest: I slept on Pizzaface for too long. See, back in 2014 I had tried their gluten free base and… It wasn’t great. It put me off ordering for a looooong time, and it wasn’t until my partner went vegan… Read More

First up on here is this delicious breakfast I had at @theorchardworthing on Friday. These are their Orchard potatoes, which are spiced fried potatoes with mushrooms, peppers and onions. I added halloumi to mine, of course! I wasn’t sure what to expect flavourwise, but the whole dish was delicious with a subtle seasoning that reminded… Read More