Throwback to my first ever nut roast at @brunswickthorn a few weeks ago. Their roast was delicious, I really hope they add a gluten free and vegetarian roast to their permanent line up! 🙏

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Over the weekend we went to @brunswickthorn for their Christmas menu and it did NOT disappoint. I will be dreaming of this Camembert situation for the rest of the year.


Picked up lunch from the @veganstreetfoodcompany today! On the left is Katy’s cheese and chutney sandwich. On the right is my sausage and onion. We also got a biscuit and a slice of cake. Yummy!

I wouldn’t normally post 2 pictures in one morning but… well.

Yesterday I braved the rain and had these delicious pancakes at @theorchardworthing and I definitely think that you should do the same!

It’s a sad morning this morning, especially for the independent restaurants and shops that I love so much. I know it has to happen, but it’s heartbreaking. 💔

Obviously posts around here are going to be sporadic over the next month. Who am I kidding, they’ve been sporadic this whole time. Whose idea was it to start a food Instagram in the middle of a pandemic??? Oh, right, it was mine. 🙋🏻‍♀️

Good luck, everyone. See you on the other side. And hopefully see you with some takeaway and delivery options soon!

Gluten free pumpkin spice brownie from @cactuskitchengals!

I don’t typically eat brownies because they’re SO often the only gluten free dessert option that I save my brownie eating for when there’s nothing else on the menu. But I’ve had a couple of the ones from Cactus Kitchen Gals and they are really yummy. So put your brownie boredom aside and give one a go!

It’s been a bit quiet around here as we continue to navigate COVID dining! But I’m back with a new fantastic food find!

Yesterday we went to @brunswickandthorn and had a great meal. I went for the mushroom and pea risotto which was delicious and a very generous portion! I couldn’t quite finish it all.

I spotted a few other gluten free and vegetarian options I’d enjoy like a goat’s cheese salad and a falafel burger. And quite a few pudding options that I didn’t have room for. 👀

We will definitely be back (especially as it’s a 5 minute walk from our flat).

Another vegan feast this time from @veganstreetfoodco last weekend! Katy went for the burger and sweet potato wedges. I opted for the Chinese chicken curry… We all know how hard it is to come by a Chinese takeaway when you’re gluten free!

The best part is that EVERYTHING at the Vegan Street Food Company is vegan (duh) AND gluten free, so it’s like it’s made for me and Katy. I also like how much variety there is, since we don’t always crave the same thing!


Little aerial shot of our @maltcafe brunch from a few weeks back! A very nice vanilla chai latte made with almond milk to go alongside my pancake stack.

My partner went for a vegan tofu scramble, which isn’t gluten free so I didn’t try it!

We’re moving just up the road from Malt in a couple of weeks so I’m excited to be more local. 🎉

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